People may work out everywhere but only your club can pay for it.

Your club goers generate clean power for you, you rewrad them for this in return.


Do you know...

The ecological awareness of Poles is increasing every year. For several years we have been observing the growing interest in ecological energy. Increasingly, we also reach for ecological products and innovative solutions. That is why the combination of physical activity and taking care of your own health along with care of a natural environment is a future of the fitness industry.

Poles believe that environmental protection has a positive impact on business

Poles introduce pro-ecological solutions in life

respondents prefer to use services or products of companies that care about the environment.


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What is the WATA app and how it works?

WATA is an innovative application combining the functionality of a sport tracker and enabling the promotion of ecological behavior through competition and rewards. The combination of physical activity and taking care of your own health with caring of the environment is the most popular trend of the coming years. Thanks to the application you will keep your clients in the club. Not only yours. Most importantly, you'll have a chance to attract more multisport and multi-club card holders. The WATA application, working with ECO-POWR™ devices, collects the amount of energy produced by each club member and allows them to exchange kWh for equivalent rewards.







WATA™ is an opportunity for competition between club members and entire clubs

The app allows the group collection of watt-hours in the club and competition between entire groups. Competition between fitness clubs is also an important functionality of the WATA ™ app. Each club connected to the application can invite another ecological club in Poland to a time competition. By cooperating together, they can also collect a certain number of Watt-hours and win rewards for themselves or others from app partners.

Additional functionality of the app is to communicate with the app usres via displaying them information or club posts on TV screens in the club. Because it is self customizable, this function allows to show advertisements that will reach not only those who are interested in ecology and challenges but also everybody present in the club.



Użytkowników aplikacji na całym świecie


Why Eco-POWR™?

Several ECO-POWR™ devices can generate up to 20 kWh each day. That's the average size of a solar panel set on a sunny day. By installing ECO-POWR™ with the WATA application, you will be one of the first clubs in Poland and even in the world. You will attract those customers who care about the climate and the environment.

Build possitive company image:

  • socially responsible
  • looking for modern solutions
  • motivating to take care of yourself and the environment

Your club members do the same as in any other club - they exercise. The only difference is that they train on our ECO-POWR™ devices. The Wata app allows them to count the generated kWh and convert them into points that can exchange goods and services at your club. Only a few clubs in the world have such functionality. Be the first in your city and get a real competitive advantage.

How does it work in practice?

Already with 16 ECO-POWR™ devices, the club can generate up to 22 kWh per day. Such energy can power even several devices at your club.

Number of devices  Single device power Energy used for 12 hours of work 
2 air conditioners 1200 watt 12 KWh
2 large fridges 200 watt 2 KWh
4 LED TV 40" 25 watt 1,2 KWh
2 computers with printer and scanner 65 watt 1,6 KWh
40 lightbulbs 10 watt 4,8 KWh
Total amount of KWh per day  21,6 KWh

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