Virtual power bank and fitness tracker in one!

Generate your own energy. Challemge others and change the world for a better place!

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Nothing motivates more than a competition with others or with yourself. With WATA located worldwide you can compete with anybody in the world! Do you want to challenge Maria in Rome? Or Alex in Great Britain? Here you go! you are just a few clicks away! It is up to you if you want to do it here and now in a real time or in a form of 7 or 14 days streaks.

Train and earn

If you train at one of the gyms equipped with devices generating electricity and cooperating with the WATA application, you can earn on every watt hour you generate. For every Wh you get points that you can exchange at the gym for products and services from the store. Now, NEW!, with WATA points, you can also buy accessories from GIPARA shop!

Be an eco VIP

The WATA app counts all the kWh you generate, so you have a chance to compare your achievements with everyone around the world. If you train regularly, you can get one of 3 special statuses entitling you to additional benefits, both in the club itself and from the sponsors cooperating with us.

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Training Assistant

The Wata app is also a professional fitness tracker that accumulates the entire history of your workout. You can check the distance, calories burned and time spent on training.

Charity events

Wata™  allows you to gather points (Wh) for any ecological event the club or you may think of. The EARTH DAY is coming? or you want to save an orca? Just ask your club to arrange an appropriate event in your club and start gathering points that your club will then give to the charity organization.   

Eco gym clubs

Choose gyms where your calories are not wasted. Any calories burned during training can produce electricity, thereby reducing power consumption from coal-fired power plants. By exercising at such a gym, you reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to improving the climate together with other users.



Competitions at every level. Club, city, national or even world championships - it's all up to you yourself to decide what you want to participate in. You can challenge any other WATA user, no matter wherether they are in Berlin, Copenhagen or Gdańsk!



Download the application

Download free application from AppStore or Google Play and register. That's all it takes to join us!


Scan QR code from the ECO-POWR ™ device

Scan the QR code from SportsArt Eco-Powr machine, marked with the logo of our application and start your training.


Generate energy and earn points

Exercise, generate energy, earn points in club wallets and get VIP statuses. All this for the benefit of the environment and the planet.


Get your rewards

Exchange points accumulated in club wallets for rewards in your gym. NEW! Now, with WATA points you can also buy accessories on GIPARA shop!


Earn even more.
Get a VIP status

If you go to the club regularly, it won't be a problem for you. In fact, everything will happen "by the way".

What are the VIP status benefits?

  • Your club will have a unique offer for you.
  • You will receive a multiplied number of points with each Wh generated
  • As a VIP member, you will be invited to special fitness and ecological events.
  • You can count on additional gifts

How to qualify? 

To get the status, simply generate the right amount of watt hours and exercise at the same time for a certain number of days in a row. A status is granted for one year. How to achieve statuses?

Status Generated watt hours Exercise days in a row
bronze 5 000 Wh 5 days
silver 8 000 Wh 8 days
gold 10 000 Wh 10 days
diamond 100 000 Wh 20 days


1.1.3 ios 2.4.0 android January 2023

New features at WATA! Thanks to a specially designed menu, all the most necessary functions are always at hand. 
Also, a direct shopping with WATA points at Gipara store is now possible. 
Can't see a suitable reward at the reception desk in your gym? Order any products right now for WATA points straight to your home.

1.1.2 September 2022

Challenge streaks arrived! Now you can compete with your friends who will generate more clean energy while your cardio workout! First add a user to your circle of friends and see their profile. Then decide how long should a streak last - 7 or 14 days - and you can start! Throughout the streak you can see your opponents results so it is up to you how often you do your workout!

Also, WATA app is now available in 3 new languages: Italian, Danish and German!

1.1.1 May 2022

WATA has become an engine to POWERPOST workouts! Just Scan the QR code to join a personal training in a boutique club.

1.1.0 November 2021

Introducing challenges one : one! Now you can challenge every WATA user, even the  top ranked WATA ones, no matter where they are located: Poland, UK or Italy. If their status is „online”, just send them an  
invitation to join you in WATA competition and watch their and yours results live in the app. Challenges to generate more clean energy have never been that easy and fun!


1.0.62 September 2021

Bug fixes

1.0.61 May 2021

New version of WATA has arrived!

  • Improved and simplified  communication between  the machine and the application
  • Easy plug-and-play installation in the club: one  router to connect to power  and internet
  • There is no need to use  Wi-Fi SportsArt, the application user can use  his own LTE internet
  • The user will never lose  their data as they are  stored in the cloud. Even if  the club loses power, the training will be saved
  • Introducing challenges: managers can organize environmental competitions to promote  CO2 reduction
1.0.6 June 2020

iStability improvements and bug fixes

1.0.5 May 2020

We've expanded the WATA a little with new functionalities! In this version of the application you will find:

  • extensive details of daily and monthly workouts in the "My activity" tab
  • extended user rankings with your current position highlighted
  • possibility for gyms to organize challenges and special actions
  • summary displayed at the end of the workout
  • Wifi support performance improved to ensure proper connectivity
  • intuitive application tutorial for easy navigation -user profile extended
1.0.4 January 2020

This version features:

  • further improvements of the app performance
  • intuitive, clickable results and wallets on the main screen
  • improvement of the app performance with BT headsets
  • Rewards module enhanced - active rewards are now highlighted -push notifications in one place - easy to be found on the main screen
  • detailed info about statuses in My Account
  • additional info about how your workout helped save the environment
  • further protections so as not to lose the score during the workout
1.0.3 November 2019

Further stability improvements

1.0.2 November 2019

The WATA app was designed and created to promote the idea of ecological cardio training at the gym. Working with SportsArt ECO - POWR machines, the kinetic energy of the exercisers is converted into electricity. Limiting CO2 emissions to the atmosphere is becoming a priority for all world economies, and technological changes used to reduce electricity consumption are becoming increasingly popular. Not only in households, but also in enterprises. The latest ECO POWR technology allows such activities in the field of fitness clubs and gyms. WATA is an innovative application combining the functionality of a sports tracker and enabling the promotion of ecological behavior through competition and prizes.

  • Training assistant - Practice on SportsArt Eco-Powr equipment, monitor your training results and  check your progress.
  • Competition - Recover electricity, earn points and track your position in the ranking of the most  engaged exercisers. Be an eco-winner in achieving goals.
  • Ecological gyms - Be the first to learn about eco gyms in your city or search for them wherever you  are. Choose environmentally friendly fitness clubs equipped with the latest  equipment with Eco-Powr technology.
  • Awards - Earn points for the electricity produced and receive rewards at your gym.

WATA app connects with HEALTH app and sends info with time and distance and  the amount of kcal generated during the workout.


Użytkowników aplikacji na całym świecie


Become WATA partner! We will help your company with ESG reporting!

What is ESG and why is it important for my company

ESG, or Environmental, Social, and Governance, is an increasingly key concept in the business world. It means that companies must consider not only their financial performance, but also the impact they have on the environment, society and internal governance. One of the key aspects of ESG is carbon footprint reduction, an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and climate change impacts.

Why is carbon footprint reduction important for companies?

Increasing Sustainable Corporate Value: Companies that successfully reduce their carbon footprint gain a competitive advantage in the market. Investors are increasingly looking for ESG-compliant investments, which can translate into increased stock value and easier access to capital.
Minimizing Risk: Exposure to risks related to emissions regulations or negative environmental impacts can lead to financial and reputational losses. Reducing the carbon footprint helps minimize these risks.
Satisfied Customers and Employees: Consumers are increasingly choosing products and services from companies that care about the environment. In addition, employees are more likely to work for companies that take ESG-compliant actions.

Social Responsibility: Companies play an important role in shaping the future of our planet. Therefore, more and more companies are committed to environmental goals and the community in which they operate.
In summary, ESG and carbon footprint reduction are not only ethical issues, but also business issues. Companies that embrace these challenges can make both financial and reputational benefits. It's also an opportunity to actively participate in creating a more sustainable and responsible future.

Starting in 2025, the obligation to prepare an ESG report for 2024 will be extended to all large companies and companies listed on EU markets employing at least 500 people (and with a balance sheet total exceeding PLN 85 million or annual revenues of PLN 170 million).

How can WATA help you?
WATA app: Counting Clean Energy in Fitness and Support for ESG Reporting

WATA is an innovative app that not only helps exercisers monitor their physical activity, but also contributes to the implementation of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives in companies. 

How it works?

WATA app, during a fitness workout, counts not only the calories burned, but also the clean energy generated. Thanks to advanced sensors and algorithms, WATA is able to determine how much energy was produced during a workout.This not only motivates users to work out even harder, but also opens the door to ESG reporting for companies.

How can a company benefit from WATA as part of its ESG strategy?

Sustainable Physical Activity: Promoting physical activity among employees is one way to take care of their health and well-being. WATA can be used in incentive programs, encouraging employees to be physically active while helping to reduce CO2 emissions.
ESG reporting: By collecting data on the energy generated during workouts, the company can include this information in its ESG reports.This demonstrates a commitment to promoting sustainable activity and caring for the environment.
Community Impact: If a company is involved in community initiatives, WATA can be used to raise funds for charity through training campaigns. This is a great way to integrate physical activity with social action.
Innovation: A company that implements WATA demonstrates its commitment to modern technology and innovative approaches to sustainability.

WATA app is an example of how technology can support ESG goals, combining physical activity, the environment, and social impact in a single solution. It's a tool that not only takes care of our health, but also contributes to building a better future.


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Gipara Fitness to marka profesjonalnych akcesoriów sportowych dla sieci fitness oraz indywidualnych użytkowników. Oferuje wysokiej jakości produkty, które łączą technologię i funkcjonalne rozwiązania z nowoczesnym designem. Po akcesoria Gipara Fitness każdego dnia sięgają amatorzy, sportowcy oraz klienci ponad 500 klubów w 15 krajach na całym świecie.


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Well Fitness znane jest z wspierania sportowych pasji klubowiczów oraz propagowania zdrowego stylu życia. Dbałość o realizację celów treningowych klubowiczów przejawia się opieką doświadczonych trenerów, wraz z rozpisaniem indywidualnego planu treningowego oraz nielimitowanym dostępem do  kompleksowych pomiarów składu ciała na najnowocześniejszym analizatorze Tanita w cenie karnetu. W Well Fitness trenerzy dostępni są dla klientów każdego dnia, bez ograniczeń, niezależnie od tego, czy ktoś dopiero zaczyna przygodę z siłownią, czy chce poprawić swoje wyniki.


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Our mission is to provide meals and beverages that care for your health and well-being, at the same time caring for the future of the planet.
We do not agree to waste food. We create products that have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

SUPERSONIC, we are passionate about science and what nature has to offer, so that we can provide you with quick to prepare and at the same time plant-based, innovative meals and drinks of the future - today.
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We have over 30 years of experience in providing business services. We work with companies and institutions from almost all sectors of the economy. We create solutions tailored to individual needs. We provide outsourcing for companies in the area of ​​simple services, such as cleaning, security or technical maintenance of buildings. We also support clients in handling administrative processes and provide specialized services for the industry. We use new technologies for even the simplest services. We create applications that allow us to organise services in such a way as to quickly and efficiently respond to your needs.



Are you a gym manager?

Wata is an innovative loyalty program that will allow you to stand out from other gyms in the area. Thanks to the application, you will keep your clients in the club, and most importantly, you will attract new and engaged users. Do you have any questions?